Software Stability Levels

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A categorization of the stability of software in open source projects.

These levels are intended to be used as a guideline by users considering to take on dependencies in their own projects.

_ Level Description Use in Production Typical Versioning* Badge
1 Experimental proof-of-concept, demo, no public releases not recommended No Release

2 Soft enough features are there to make it useful, but breaking changes are likely to happen only if willing to contribute to the project 0.x

3 Firm mostly feature-complete, possible to use in production, breaking changes can happen recommended if willing to upgrade and adapt to changes 0.x

4 Hard feature-complete, recommended for use in production, breaking changes very rare and migration paths planned recommended >= 1.0

*: if using semantic versioning

Markdown 🔗

Copy these snippets if you want to add stability badges to any markdown file.

[![stability: experimental](](
[![stability: soft](](
[![stability: firm](](
[![stability: hard](](
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